# EMW3080V2 AT Module

#1. Introduction

The EMW3080V2 series standard AT module is an integrated product of module hardware and firmware provided by Qingke Information, used to quickly implement the product's Wi Fi communication function. It is equipped with standard AT firmware and achieves high-speed connectivity through a "development free" and "zero code" approach. This greatly shortens the development and launch cycles of customers' complete machine products.

The module image is as follows:

The module selected for this product is EMW3080V2-P, which is a Wi Fi module with a working voltage of 3.3V, a working temperature of -20~85 ° C, a main frequency of up to 62.5MHz, 256K bytes of SRAM, 2M bytes of XIP Flash, and 2.4 GHz Wi Fi compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.

#2. Hardware Documents

  • Datasheet:


  • Certificaiton:





  • Reference Design:


  • Reference design schematic and module packaging files:


#3. Software Documents

#4. Development Tool

#5. QC Test Method

For module burning production testing: reference: Module Production Testing Method.

For the production and testing needs of large-scale module and complete machine burning, it is recommended to use the MXCHIP BAT system.

#6. Q&A

Get more about Q&A for standard AT command.


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