# Getting Start

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This website will provide you with instruction for the development of software and hardware related products and solutions of Shanghai Qingke Information Technology Co., Ltd.(The below will abbreviated to MXCHIP) , to help you develop "intelligent products" based on MXCHIP wireless communication module and IoT system solution.

#AT Command

Through the AT command solidified in the module, the user can realize the corresponding wireless network communication and cloud service access function through the UART serial port and module communication mode with the help of the main control MCU of his own equipment.


The full name of MXOS: MXCHIP Operating System, which is a microcontroller based Internet access operating system and development tool suite.

Through hierarchical and component-based design, your application code can be understood and executed by the device. For secondary development based on MXOS:

#Module Development Board

Developers can test the function of the module on the development board, and can also develop and debug the firmware of the module.

  • MXKitSDK secondary development users can conduct intelligent product application development based on MXKit development boards of corresponding modules.
  • EXT-AT3080The development board communicates with other MCU through AT commands, which facilitates the debugging and development of intelligent products.
  • AZ3166:Microsoft development board. It cooperates with Microsoft's series of and Azure cloud services to achieve a perfect IoT development experience.

#Chip/Module Application Guide

  • RTL8710 (MX1290)Series Application Guide

  • RTL8720 (MX1300)Series Application Guide

  • ASR5504A (MX1270)Series Application Guide

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